Q: My key says "Do Not Duplicate." How do I get more keys made?
A: In most cases, we only need written permission on company letterhead stationery, authorizing bearer to have them duplicated (more info).

Q: What does re-key my locks mean?
A: Re-key means to replace the internal components of the cylinder, so they correspond to a new key. We do not replace the lock.

Q: Can I key all my locks alike?
A: If you can insert one of your keys into all of your locks, then in most cases, we can key them alike.

Q: Is it better to buy new locks or re-key?
A: If your hardware is functioning properly, but a key has been compromised, it is usually more cost effective to re-key rather than replace.

Q: Does the stamping of "Do Not Duplicate" on my keys guarantee my keys will not be cut without my authorization?
A: No. The only way to guarantee unauthorized duplication is to purchase a restricted key system (more info).

Q: I have to wiggle, shake or pull my key out a little before it turns, do I need new locks?
A: Not always. More often than not, repinning the lock and or cutting a new key by code will solve the problem.

Q: My car key is very worn and does not work well. I had a duplicate made and it does not work at all. Now what do I do?
A: Duplicating a key is just that, a very similar copy of your key. Extremely worn keys cannot be duplicated effectively. We must decode your key and bring it back to factory specifications.